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Duratex Foamboard Printed Signs

Indoor prints and banners, Perfect for in-store decals, exhibitions, and tradeshows.

Product description

At Prismaprint, we offer our most premium Foamboard product for indoor events. An incredibly lightweight material ideal for mounting prints, photographs, and graphic displays for presentation. Great for temporary setup, this product is portable, and easy to set up and takedown. The Gator Foamboard is built of three layers of sturdy material, insulated with a polystyrene core, making it accessible to configure into any shape or size. This substrate is printed in high-quality suitable for events and exhibitions or window signage. Less expensive options are polystyrene core sandwiched between two thick paper layers this solution would be recommended for interior use.  

Custom Banners for Business, Shops, and Stores  

Foamboard is great for visual components in office spaces, store displays, or window decals. You can add your custom designs for a premium print to your preferred size. This material is also very durable with a UV-treated component that resists yellowing in long-term use. We cater to producing custom signs to portray any message and design to your liking. With a wide variety of sign options, you can select between our 5 mm or 10 mm thickness. For a concise display, our 5 mm boards are substantial for window decals, campaign posters, or exhibitions. We also offer our 10 mm boards for a more rigid option, excellent for trade shows, temporary yard signs, or event booths.   

Printed Banners and Signage Printing   

We offer custom sign prints available on single-sided or double-sided displays. Foamboard printed art or messages can be an effective way of getting your message or design noticed. Our flatbed printing presses will ensure an exceptional print that will leave your designs and graphics looking elegant and crisp.   

Where can I get a sign printed near me?  

Contact us for a consultation. We'll be happy to discuss any further details with you. 

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