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Lightweight but very strong, the Dibond makes an eye-catching display for both indoor and outdoor signage. Two layers of aluminum on the exterior with a solid polyethylene core in the center.

Product description

What is Dibond?

Dibond is a composite material composed of two sheets of aluminum bonded to a high-density, lightweight, solid plastic core.

Dibond Personalized Signs  

The dibond is our most resistant, low weight printed panel. This material is designed for both long-term indoor and outdoor use to withstand wear and tear from harsh weather conditions. 

The dibond is also a rot-proof, UV, and chemically resistant material with a smooth surface that is easy to clean. 

Extremely rigid, this brushed metal finish provides an exceptional display for a variety of personalized prints. Our flatbed printing machine ensures a premium full colour single-sided print, guarded by a laminated matte or gloss finish for further protection.

Personalized Aluminum Signs  

Dibond is a trade name known for aluminum composite sheets (ACS) also known as alucabond or alupanel in the signage industry. This multipurpose material is composed of two aluminum panels on the exterior and flexible polyethylene on the core. Polyethylene is a form of plastic stable at low temperature, resistant to many solvents, and has considerable impact resistance. The Dibond overall is non-corrosive, damage-resistant, weatherproof, and rust-proof. It is also an eco-friendly option and can be separated and recycled. This material weighs approximately 50% lighter than a solid aluminum sheet and is an excellent alternative to Plywood, PCV, or Coroplast. An optimal choice for long-lasting personalized signs that ensures the quality of your prints remains impeccable, even throughout the toughest use.  

What Are The Most Common Uses for Dibond Signs?

Family, Kitchen, and Living Spaces  

This product fits perfectly in living rooms, office spaces, and bathrooms with a modern feel. The Dibond is practical and can be easily mounted, drilled, riveted, and screwed on walls using suitable measures.   

Hanging, Street, and Yard Signs  

The Dibond or ACS is a waterproof material. It has excellent stability without the risk of rust, making it ideal for an outdoor display that remains in a good and clean condition. Additionally, it is commonly used for a wide range of signs: storefront panels, parking lot signs, and corperate displays.   

Custom Shapes and Design  

Dibond or ACS is a versatile material with the ability to be cut into any desired shape. A great way to get custom dibond signs digitally printed on a superior surface.   

How to Make a Custom Sign?  

If you're looking to get a personalized rigid sign, we'll be happy to assist you further with your request. Contact us today! 

Do you need a large sign? For large formats, aluminum dibond signs are cut into 1.5m x 1m (maximum) for cost-efficient shipping. 









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