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Crezon for Hoarding

Keep your construction site protected and discrete with our Crezon for Hoarding signage. Make an impact at the pulse of a busy city with a striking display and get your brand or business noticed.

Product description

What is Hoarding Signage?

Prismaprint's selection of signs extends for multiple indoor and outdoor uses. Our Crezon for Hoarding provides a temporary banner typically made from a plywood core product with a smooth faced surface to cover your development site. This product is a single sided or double-sided raw printed, pre-coated white enamel surface on one side and painted with a custom colour. This allows you to mask your ongoing construction with the design of your choice. Whether your store is under construction or simply getting relocated, make use of the space to your advantage. Brand this product with your company logo, image, or slogan. We provide a strong and durable material that will last as long as your project. Find a new way to attract business with Prismaprint's rigid signs

Quality Signs for your Construction Site

Typically, the purpose behind hoarding relies on the health and safety of pedestrians or anyone near the area of development. Over time, the hoarding surface can be used as another wall or barrier, and so we provide a product that will help you make use of an empty wall with outdoor advertising signs.

What better way to promote your product in a public, busy place. A fantastic product for large exterior signs such as real estate field signs, site signs, construction site signs, A/frames, cut out letters etc. The Crezon for Hoarding has a life expectancy of approximately 5 years, and is commonly used for non-illuminated outdoor signs and A/frames. Available is 8 x4 ft and 10 x 4 ft with ½" or ¾" in thickness. Mask the construction site with the appearance you desire.

Construction Hoarding Signage

Custom printed crezon sign for your construction site! Get a hoarding sign and entice your customers from the outside and spark curiosity in people. Display your message across a large format banner and get your business recognized. Commonly found at the heart of the busy city, keep the work in progress behind the scenes and decorate with a temporary fence of your choice. This product is quite large and requires professional assistance for a seamless and safe installation. Contact us for additional information about our hoarding banner for any particular project.




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