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Flexible, low-maintenance, and affordable signage for your storefronts, yards, and tradeshows. Make an impact in the advertising world with a high-quality PVC board.
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Product description

Sintra PVC Printed Signs

Sintra Polyvinyl Chloride Board, also known as PVC Board is a lightweight material with more rigid characteristics, it is water-resistant properties and is more maintenance-free than Foamboard. This product is convenient for photo mounting, signage, and lettering. This material is resistant to moisture and has a low flammability rate (UL-96 VO), perfect for interior display and outdoor use. Sintra PVC sheets are also referred to as Sintra plastic sheets with considerable structural durable components. Resistant to dents, cuts, and scrapes, your product will look clean and crisp through extensive use. 

Custom Sintra Signage 

Sintra PVC has been the leading premium PVC board for over 30 years. This material is composed of expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride in a homogenous sheet, with a matte or low gloss finish. For installation and mounting purposes, this product can be stapled, nailed, riveted, glued, and thermoformed.  

Business, Company, and Store Signs 

Sintra PVC is available in multiple sizes for any design graphic, custom sign message, or tradeshow banners. With UV-resistant properties, this product makes an exceptional sign for sidewalks, yards, local kiosks, and more. The Sintra PVC is also resistant to chemicals and corrosion.  

Where to Buy Banners Near Me? 

We offer a wide variety of signs suitable for all your needs at a competitive price. Contact us for assistance in getting the perfect banner for your business or personal use. We offer our services Canada-wide and US for shipping. 



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