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Prismaprint operates under the Prismaflex International Group, a manufacturer of billboards and large format printing for over 33 years. Established in France in 1988, Prismaflex believes that remarkable things can happen with innovation, commitment, and consistency. We have launched several branches across the globe, including our Canadian location in 1999. 

The digital revolution is rapidly growing, councidingly with ecological awareness has grown simultaneously, many leading businesses incorporate these changes with their practice. Our research and development teams are progressively moving forward in both fields, developing new products and materials for printing that gear towards becoming environmentally conscious and innovative.  

"From here, new ideas will emerge that will help invent the communication mediums of tomorrow." 

Jean-Philippe Delmotte 

Co-Founder of Prismaflex International 

An International Group

Prismaprint has become one of the global leaders for digital printing, LED signage and home décor. The key asset of our company is the complete design and manufacture of its products: by having a global vision of the entire production chain, we are able to control all areas of product consistency and quality. 

Workshops from around the world: 

  • Australia

  • Brazil 

  • Canada 

  • China 

  • France 

  • Germany 

  • Spain 

  • South Africa 

  • Sweden  

  • United States 

  • United Kingdom 



Prismaflex released their first catalogue on its digital screens in May 2015.
You will find all of Prismaflex's products and services, as well as a wealth of information on the company's technology, skills, and services.


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Prismaflex releases their catalog of analog products: street furniture and static billboards, drop-downs, trivision and much more. As for the LED catalog, you will find the entire range, associated services and synergies with the group's other business lines.


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Prismaflex launches its first catalog dedicated to points of sale. Find all the solutions to your retail interior with some of our most popular designs. From LED panels and banners, indoor and outdoor displays and an abundance 

Print, the Group launches its first catalog dedicated to points of sale: you will find all of our solutions and their most common applications.

From LED panels to banners, indoor products to outdoor products and other exceptional displays. 


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