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Exterior Frames & Displays

Get Noticed

Get your signs noticed on the side of a high trafficked road during the day and night with Prismaprint’s Exterior Frames will help you get the word out and increase exposure for your business, an upcoming event or advertising your products and services. Browse through our selection of displays and frames for the perfect outdoor display. If you have any questions or are looking to inquire about our services, please contact us and we would be happy to help! Experts in large format digital printing for over 30 years, you can rely on us in delivering an exceptional display. Our installation services are available in Canada! Contact us for more information.

Printing on a Rigid Support for your Signs

With a wide selection of outdoor signage available to you, we are confident that you will find what you need for your growing business. Prismaprint's Exterior Frames are the perfect solutions to your advertising needs. Our signs come in a variety of sizes with interchangeable graphics for any occasion, seasonal promotion for your retail store, restaurant, community center, or event venue. They are easily customizable, lightweight, and very practical. Exhibit your logo, brand, or message on the side of a busy road, a construction site, or outside your place of business. We manufacture aluminum frames with durable properties at an affordable rate! Our Wall Mounted Prismaclip Frame is a popular choice as it provides stretched vinyl along the edges with a snap frame to secure the fabric. Prismaprint gives you the opportunity to create a custom exterior sign that will benefit your visibility. Choose your product, material, or application and upload or create your design before placing your order. Installation assistance is available upon request, contact us for additional information regarding our services and rates. Our large format signs come in our standard frame. Get a display that will match your image or company brand.

Exterior Frame Design

The aluminum composite frame, also known as Dibond, is a very durable and rigid material This 3mm thick substrate is well suited for smaller displays for outdoor signage that will last you for years if used accordingly. The expanded PVC banner, also known as Komacel PVC provides a rigid hold and is available in thickness between 3 mm to 10 mm. A great product for medium to long-term use. Our Coroplast is a light and cost-efficient material, with the advantage of being cut to any shape.

Signs in Stretched Canvas and Outdoor Displays

Our stretched canvas provides an exceptional price to quality ratio. For long-term applications, store or company signs, opening hours, permanent signs, the Prismaclip would be the best option. An excellent value for money and gives you a custom-made product that can be adapted to almost any building. This product may require professional assistance for installation.

Large Format Billboard

The 4 m x 3 m billboard is one of our classic large-format outdoor displays. This adhesive poster remains one of our most cost-efficient communication mediums for advertising campaigns. Due to the size and material, the installation must be done by a professional and can last you up to 4 weeks of good use.


What Is the Most Economical Exterior Signage?

We recommend choosing the Dibond or the PVC panel for smaller surfaces, or the stretched canvas Prismaclip for a larger surface for an excellent money-for-value product.

Which Display Would Work Best For a Business?

Make use of your parking lot, or property space to display your advertising signage without worrying about any management or rental cost. The support provided by Prismaprint will adapt to your needs and our advisors are here to assist you further in your project if requested.

What Would Be The Best Option For A Real Estate Sign?

Real estate projects vary in nature, Your real estate signage will have to adapt to its location, expected duration, and the visibility you wish to convey. A sign "For Sale", "For Rent", or any construction sign can be exhibited using our Coroplast or Komacel expanded PVC. Free-standing signage that requires pole mounting is often recommended for our Dibond substrate due to its rigid and solid material. Browse through our real estate signs and models, and customize your signage!

Stretched Canvas or Printed Rigid Sign?

Depending on the format, the rigid sign may be easier to install and provide a superior rendering. For large formats, a fabric or vinyl banner may be the most economical option but does require a high tension stretch alongside the frame for an exceptional display. Our advisors are here to provide you with the best solution to your project!



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