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Prismaprint : Large Format Digital Printing

Prismaprint is a trademark of Prismaflex International and specializes in large format digital printing. Prismaflex Inc is a company that designs and manufactures billboards and advertising banners. Our company has been in the printing sector since 2000 and specializes in a variety of materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), textile fabrics, rigid supports, and self-adhesives, among others. Prismaflex Inc also has access to our global network for innovative items at unbeatable prices.

Along with your choice of display, Prismaflex Inc also manufactures hardware such as frames and other supporting structures. For any function or special occasion, our company strives to deliver high-quality material and printing. We provide custom images and designs with optimal print rendering, bringing you the best possible result, with great attention to detail. We manufacture our products in our workshop located in the Greater Toronto Area.


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