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Rigid Signs

Custom Solid Sign

A functional way to increase your brand awareness is with a high-quality rigid sign. Suited for both indoor and outdoor needs, our selection of materials varies from acrylic, styrene, sintra, dibond, coroplast, and foamboard. A must-have for your business or industry, our rigid signs deliver a premium finish over a smooth and flat surface. Perfect for yard signs, political campaign posters, corporate plates, pop-up displays at conventions, and much more! Our selection of rigid prints is the leading choice to a professional-looking print. If you have any questions or are looking to inquire about our services, please contact us and we would be happy to help! Experts in large format digital printing for over 30 years, you can rely on us in delivering an exceptional display. Our installation services are available in Canada! Contact us for more information. 

Not sure what product to choose? Have a look at our Buyer's Guide for Rigid Signs

Custom Printed Solutions

Increase your brand awareness with easy to install, high-quality outdoor signs:

  • Interior Use: retail stores, professional services, schools, government offices, restaurants

  • Exterior Use: promotional signs, point of sale, directional/wayfinding signs, decorations

Need help choosing rigid sign materials? Check out our Buyer's Guide for Rigid Signs.

Select from our variety of rigid and semi-rigid substrates offered by Prismaprint

  • Coroplast® (also called PP plate sheet) – Fluted Polypropylene Sheet
  • Sintra (also called Komatex® ) - Expanded PVC Board
  • Dibond® (also called Alucobond® or ACM panel) Aluminum Bonded to Polyethylene Core
  • Plexiglass® Acrylic Sheet - Transparent Rigid Sign
  • Duratex Foamboard - Polystyrene Core between Two Sheets

Whether you need a single or double-sided sign, a high-quality custom rigid sign is the solution that will help you gain a competitive advantage. Make use of this product for your storefront, hoarding, advertising communications, way findings, seasonal promotions, real estates signs, and much more.

Need Help With Installation?

Our team of experts is always available to guide you towards the best installation method, hardware options, and substrate choices. You can also use our templates to help design your signage. We provide the best options to benefit you to the maximum. For instance, we can smoothen any sharp edges or corners that protects your customers from getting hurt.

Create a Custom Sign

For Your Business

Drive traffic, increase sales, advertise your products, display your brand, and more using one of our custom business templates or provide your own design.

For Special Events

When putting together the details of your exclusive events, the first piece of decor your guests will see is the welcome sign. Your display sets the mood and the signage strengthens the tone.

Looking to get social? Don’t forget your hashtag and get trending!
Welcome signs, seating charts, cocktail menus, chair signs, backdrops, and more.

For the Holidays

Take your holiday spirit to the next level. Whether you’re adorning your home or an entire retail store, our fully customizable Christmas templates will be perfect for your needs.

Planning a party? Custom printed interior or exterior signage can complement your decor and create a wonderful display for family memories.

For Your Restaurant

Many customers are familiar with your service because of your business signage. Signs serve to communicate aspects and allow you to market and advertise your place of business. High-quality custom signs also reflect the premium products and services you offer, and are essential to your growing business. Looking for ideas? Browse through our templates to find the ones that suit your needs.

For Your Property

Whether you have a house for sale, an apartment for rent, or an open house, you need to reach the community. In an industry where the image is everything, the signs you use make an impression. Our custom signs will help you to generate the name recognition you need.

To Help Customers Find Their Way

Directional signs are essential to many businesses. Whether you need them for short or long-term, interior, or exterior use, our sign templates can help you get the perfect sign for your business.

More Templates

Prismaprint has a wide variety of free signage templates that can be customized to your needs.
Trust Prismaprint for your quality large format prints on rigid media. Order your sign today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Material Should I Order for My Sign?

For sign construction, the preferred material is the Dibond. This material is very rigid, making it easy to install and durable. For long-term use, we recommend that you add an anti-UV lamination to protect your print against tough weather conditions and the strong heat and UV rays from sunlight.

How To Make A Real Estate Sign?

Real estate signs require different materials depending on your needs. Coroplast, also known as the corrugated plastic substrate, is an economical option for short-term use for small or medium sizes. Perfect for rent signs, graduation, and other milestones. Dibond, also known as aluminum composite panels, are ideal for long-term use and large-scale displays. The choice of material is based on the type of installation and dimension needed.

What Rigid Materials Can I Use In Interior Decoration?

Dibond material is widely used for supporting printed photographs and brings a modern and technical touch to prints. Plexiglass, also referred to as acrylic or PMMA, is also widely used for multiple purposes. For decorative applications, reflective prints are often a popular choice as it gives a sense of depth and shine to graphics. In both cases, the rigid sign can be mounted in a frame or simply be offset by a few centimeters from the wall with a small fastener or standoff.

What Products To Use for Its Interior Signage?

You can find some design tips here and create your interior signage.

Can I Order My Personalized Sign Online?

Yes. You can personalize everything online at Prismaprint. The material, size of the signage, graphics, and message.

Do You Have Customizable Templates?

Yes. We have many templates ready to be personalized to your needs.

Does the Yard Signs Come with Hardware?

Yes. Our coroplast yard sign comes with a light steel H frame for easy installation.

How Are Yard Signs Printed?

All of our yard signs are printed on Coroplast using our UV flatbed.

What are Wedding Signs Printed On?

Our wedding signs are printed on coroplast similar to our yard signs, or acrylic for a classic and stunning display.

How to Make a Sign Online?

We don’t currently have an online editor, but you can check our library of templates for a wide range of designs.

What Makes Printed Signs Attractive?

Choose colours that catch the eye. Use the contrast between colours to increase the readability of your sign. Graphics will capture attention, as will a clean font.

Do You Print Business Cards?

No, unfortunately, we don't.

Is Magnetic Material Printable?

Depending on your application, we suggest to contact us for the printable magnet.

Are Rigid Substrates Often Found in Trade Shows?

Yes, they are. It is actually a perfect application for rigid substrates.


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