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Plexiglass Printed Sign

Best suited for humid and damp conditions.
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Product description

Prismaprint offers a variety of custom sign printing options that compliments any location. Our Plexiglass is a durable, rigid, impact-resistant material ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Plexiglass is made from acrylic, a form of plastic with outstanding strength, weather-resistant properties, and optical clarity. Great for exhibitions, home décor, or office banner displays, this transparent material will accentuate the colours and details of your design. Plexiglass allows more light to pass through in comparison to glass. It gives you all the advantages of a clear display and lighter weight without any glare and reflection. The Plexiglass is a durable and versatile alternative that presents a modern and vibrant look to your space.   

What is a Printed Signage?  

Printed signage is a custom high-quality, high-definition banner, poster, or display often use for tradeshows, promoting businesses, or point-of-purchase signs. We offer different types of signage that adhere to any location or event. Our Plexiglass is available in various sizes, ideal for multiple purposes. Great for yard signs and floor decals, this material will give your banner a fresh and polished look.   

Outdoor Spaces  

The Plexiglass is a weather-resistant material capable of sustaining high levels of UV light and heat as it does not yellow and warp in the long term.  In contrast to glass, Plexiglass can resist scratches and dents more effectively than any other form of plastic. It prevents the risks of chipping and sustains impacts from projectiles. This material is excellent for restaurant signs, nameplates, and direction information banners.   

Custom Printed Boards  

Plexiglass is a material made of colorless polystyrene. For high-quality rendering, our flatbed printing machines can print your custom designs directly on the surface of the material. The dimensions and size of the material do vary, with a thickness of 2.5mm.   

How Much Does it Cost to Print Signs for a Business?  

We would be more than happy to offer our services. Contact us for a quote. 

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