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Interior Frames & Lightboxes

Illuminate Your Interior 

Prismaprint offers a range of textile frames and lightboxes for our stretched fabric known as Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG). Lightweight and easy to install, these frames are the perfect solution in getting your printed graphics to stand out in a retail store, an office lobby, or getting noticed in the dimmest light setting. If you have any questions or are looking to inquire about our services, please contact us and we would be happy to help! Experts in large format digital printing for over 30 years, you can rely on us in delivering an exceptional display. Our installation services are available in Canada! Contact us for more information. 

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Interior Frames and Lightboxes

The stretched fabric can be installed effortlessly, without any tools or professional skills. A silicone edge is stitched along the perimeter of the fabric, later inserted into the groove of an aluminum frame and the tension of the fabric is achieved by evenly stretching out the fabric. The removal is easy and seamless as it does not damage the fabric during the process, which preserves it for future use. You can benefit from the high visibility displays by changing the graphic according to the season, sale, or varied product and services.

These stretched canvas frames are available in different options to fit perfectly your application, your needs, and your budget:

  • With or without backlight
  • Single or double sided
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted
  • Hanging from the ceiling

The Textile Frame or Stretched Fabric Frame

Frames without backlighting are often called stretched fabric frames, SEG frames, silicone edge graphic frames, or stretched canvas frames. The stretched fabric is, in this case, a printed fabric that brings a warm and inviting atmosphere, whether you choose to use it for decoration, branding, or for exhibiting your commercial offers.

The stretched fabric is printed with a high-resolution digital print process that will give you a premium quality print with bright and vibrant colours. Wrinkle-free, it can be easily folded for transportation and storage. This fabric meets the fire regulations are is the material is fire retardant. Perfect for indoor displays in hotels, airports, train stations, retail stores, car dealerships, showrooms, museums. For our free-standing option, these fabric frames are lightweight and easy to transport. They are ideal for advertising in your windows, aisles, exhibition booths, or used as space dividers in an open space or office.

Backlit Display Frame or Lightbox

Backlit frames or lightboxes will highlight your message while providing ambient lighting to your space. A perfect addition to an entrance, a lobby, and makes a stunning presentation behind a cash register area, or in a window display of a shopping area.

The fabric used diffuses the light evenly over the entire surface of the box without any shadow prints or overexposure. This fabric provides a beautiful visual rendering. The unprinted second layer is also just as easy to install. This product is ride rate M1/NFPA, and thus complies with all fire regulations.

The Free-Standing Silicone Edge Graphic Frame for Your Screens and Office Dividers

A more convenient way for adding separation and privacy in an open space like a room, office, or restaurant. The Free-Standing Fabric Frame is an easy solution that allows you to turn your space into a multi-functional space. Due to the new Covid-19 regulations, physical distancing is still in effect in many indoor establishments. The free-standing fabric frame will make your space modular in a functional way. If you wish to personalize your workspace with colours and designs, the stretched fabric gives you that option at a competitive price. A perfect way to bring vitality in your open space with interchangeable fabrics.

A Textile Lightbox or an LED Backlit Wall Frame to Decorate your Indoor Workspace

With a stretched fabric frame, you can cover a whole wall and create a panoramic poster that is wide enough to cover from floor to ceiling. Looking to change the atmosphere or customize your space? It could not be as simple as this! Order a new print and change the fabric according to your liking. A backlit wall frame will benefit your space by creating ambient lighting and adding a sense of warmth to the space. Do you want to decorate your walls with trendy graphics and images? Browse Scenolia's collection of graphic prints for a unique touch to your interior! Our sales teams can help you find the right print for your support.

The Production of Custom Frames and Fabrics

Prismaprint is a manufacturer of frames, lightboxes, and large format digital printing. All of our products are made to order and are customed to size, whether you are looking to order the frame or the printed fabric. Do you have a specific project for a fabric frame or lightbox? Our team can assist you with support on logistics and installation at a competitive price.

Low Consumption LED Lighting for a Low-Cost Operation

All of our lightboxes use LED lighting, with quality components meeting all the electrical standards, thus guaranteeing you optimized consumption and maintenance costs.


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