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Textile replacement for your SEG Lightbox and SEG Lightbox Slim. Adjust and update your display as often as you wish and make the most of your fabric frame.

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SEG Fabric Frame

Already purchased your SEG Fabric Frame but looking for a new print? Whether it is the end of a season, or simply looking to promote an upcoming event, get your custom prints on our canvas for your SEG Fabric Frame. Our high-definition printed diffusing canvas can be changed easily in just minutes. Thanks to the sewn-in edges, the backlit canvas is perfectly stretched on the frame and can be easily removed from the box. Before ordering, please submit the dimensions of your frame, while measuring from the exterior and we will provide the correct formatted print for you. 

Are you looking for assistance in replacing your canvas print? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist with our services! We are located in the Greater Toronto Area and ship our products Canada-wide and to the US. 

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Product setup

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