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Wall Mounted SEG Fabric Frame

Give your walls a nice glow with Prismaprint's Wall Mounted SEG Fabric Frame. Durable and sturdy, this rigid frame is perfect all year round with your choice of interchangeable graphics.

Product description

Wall Mounted SEG Fabric Frame

High-quality visual on a printed canvas. Prismaprint carries the perfect wall frame well adapted to your point-of-sale application and used for promotional campaigns. Its discreet and design aesthetic is ideal for interior decoration for both business use and home decor. The SEG Fabric Frame is a durable, sturdy, and heavy-duty material, with water-resistant properties. This product comes with a rigid frame that can be reused for multiple applications. Our fabrics are made to measure the size of our frame for an easy installation and take-down for any occasion throughout the year. Whether you choose to display your seasonal collection for your indoor retail stores or advertise your limited-time sale, the Wall Mounted SEG Fabric Frame will get your custom prints and designs noticed. 

Excellent Graphic Display

This product is associated with a high-quality printing format under 2.5 meters long. For displays over 3 meters, our Wall Mounted SEG Fabric Frame kit contains 4 corners and 4 bars to assemble, along with the printed fabric. This frame comes with your choice of finish between the anodized silver aluminum and the satin black lacquered. For installation procedures, this product does not require any tools in filling or replacing your custom printed fabric. The fabric can be easily installed, changed, and reused several times, as well as washed and ironed. Between use, the SEG Fabric can be folded and stored away. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our installation services, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to help!

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