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SEG Frame Lightbox Slim

Illuminate your interior with an SEG Lightbox Slim. A popular choice for menu displays in chain restaurants or a lovely decorative feature in a contemporary interior. With a depth of 85 mm, this frame makes a striking appearance in your interior.

Product description

What is an SEG Frame Lightbox

Brighten your indoor space with an SEG Frame Lightbox to draw all the attention to your design graphics and advertisement. Whether you wish to display this stunning poster on your wall or exhibit it as a floor installation, you are almost guaranteed to receive the exposure you were looking for. Dimensions provided are 1.5 m x 1.5m and a depth of 80 mm for that ultra-thin, modern display. This lightbox can be placed in a retail environment to boost your point of sale, at a reception hall for special events, or mounted on the walls of a shopping center and advertise your products and services.

Lightbox Banner

Whether you need an SEG Fabric Lightbox for your business or personal use, we have what you are looking for. The Silicon Edge Graphic, also known as SEG, is printed on a high-tension fabric with a silicon strip sewn on the edge. This product is designed to be inserted in a custom aluminum frame. This product is made with an aluminum frame, with your choice of finish between the silver aluminum, white epoxy lacquering, or black epoxy lacquering. Our lacquers are Qualicoat certified, thus guaranteeing great scratch resistance and an excellent life span. Custom colours are available upon request. We also offer our self-standing installation, suspended installation with rings or cables.

Your custom designs or photographs are printed in high-definition on a premium light-diffusing fabric. This material will be displayed over our backlight and restore vivid colours for brilliant rendering. The printed fabric is supplied with your SEG Fabric Lightbox upon purchase.

How Do I Change the Fabric of Backlit Sign Frame?

Looking to get a backlit sign frame for multiple occasions? You can purchase multiple prints and simply alternate at your disposal. Have a look at our Backlit SEG Fabric option for a change. For a quick and easy installation, no mounting accessories are required. Simply remove the fabric from the tab and stretch the new print over the frame. Contact us if you require installation assistance, we are always happy to help! 

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Product setup

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