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Buyer's Guide For Interior Lightboxes & Frames

Choosing a Stretched Canvas

Flexible material with tension from all four corners. Many signs used for advertising elements, decoration, or visual branding are made using a stretched canvas. This fabric is comparable to a rigid panel, very flat, has no folds, and visually striking. For large formats, the stretched canvas is often taken into consideration due to its lightweight, making the transportation and installation procedure effortless at an exceptional price.

For additional protection and support, you can apply a variety of supports such as coated fabric, textiles, and films. Different material renderings can be adapted to your atmosphere and application.

For interior use, the most adapted product would be the "Rush Frame". This frame is made of rigid profile on the periphery, often in aluminum. It has a squared groove of 3 to 5 mm wide, set at a 90° angle towards the front of the fabric. This frame is often square or rectangular but can take other shapes, including curved ones. The canvas is equipped with a square welded or sewn ring around the edge which will easily fit into the frame. The tension will be achieved by the elasticity of the material during the installation. The fabric will be maintained by the rod which will be locked in the groove by the traction of the fabric. The stretched canvas is designed for interior use as it will not sustain windy conditions. This fabric is available in a backlit and non-backlit format.

For outdoor use, there are multiple ways to display your stretched canvas accordingly. For a long-term use, installation services may be required for the best result. For temporary or short-term displays like advertising campaigns or promotional operations, we provide installation services at a lower cost according to the frequency of the service. Contact us for more information regarding our installation fees.

For a backlit or non-backlit sign, the "Prismaclip" is a popular choice and also happens to be the most efficient frame. The edges and corners of the canvas are clipped in an aluminum frame, secured with additional support to lock the print into the groove. We carry a selection of aluminum frames adapted to multiple applications, which some can be bent into curved shapes.

For short-term or medium-term applications, backlit or non-backlit, we carry our "Rigiflex" frame in a fixed, or mobile option. This concludes to an easy installation procedure for our stretched canvas without any professional assistance needed. Our selection of outdoor frames can be found in our Exterior Frames and Lightboxes category.



Snap Frame: Aluminum Frame Stretched Textile

The Snap Frame is often used for interior wall decoration but also for interior retail displays. The easy use of this product makes it suitable for short to medium-term applications (3 to 6 months), perfect for seasonal changes. The textile frame can also be used as a self-standing or double-sided frame. We carry a selection of options for each application.

We carry a selection finishing options available. The aluminum frame is available in anodized silver or black and white lacquered upon request. Other finished like wood and leather can also be achieved. The fabric often used for this frame is the Polyester, which weighs about 200g/m² with thermal sublime printing. Other fabrics can be used according to the desired rendering.

The double-sided banner can be used to indoor partition screen or custom office dividers. You also have the choice of selecting a solid coloured backside or making the fabric perfectly opaque, blocking out any light source passing through your print.

Interior Backlit Lightbox

The Interior Lightbox is a stretched canvas made from a tension system, similarly to our non-backlit frames. The printed stretched canvas is offset by a background and light system located inside the box.


There are two options of lighting available:

  • Direct lighting can be placed at the bottom of the box. The canvas is directly illuminated by the closest light source.
  • Tangential lighting is where the light sources are placed inside the box. The light rays are better suited for smaller boxes and the light intensity is often lower than direct lighting.

There are several thickness sizes available depending on the dimension of your frame. Our standard options available are 45 mm, 70 mm, and 120 mm. The thinner the depth, the tighter the fabric will be, resulting in an exceptional light distribution. This prevents the focal light from being detected. For great results, we advise that you choose a 120 mm lightbox for large areas over 2 to 3 m², and anything under 2 m² to choose a 70 mm box. The 45 mm box is ideal for smaller formats.

It is possible to equip the box with a dimmer, which will modulate the power of the lighting according to the print from the backlit side. The aluminum belt and bottom can have different finishes upon request. Silver anodized, white RAL 9010, and black are the standard finishes offered. Other colours are offered upon request.

We have a selection of choices available for out non-backlit frames.


Wall Mounted Lightboxes

This Wall Mounted Lightbox is a single-sided box fixed to the wall. It is widely used for high-end wall decoration applications. It can used as a decoration piece for a show room, reception hall, a exhibition hall, or event venue. It can also be used to bring light in dimmer areas.

This product is design to be mounted on a wall. Our standard format comes in a 3 m high and 6 to 8 m long. Other sizes are available upon request, contact us for a consultation. Depending on the size and space available, it may be necessary to take the thickness size into consideration. 


Freestanding Lightboxes

Prismaprint carries a selection of self-standing lightboxes for your interior. They are often used for as dividers in open spaces or displayed in a retail store window, hotel lobby restaurant or special events. Our Freestanding Lightboxes are available in both double-sided and single-sided display.

The single-sided lightboxes are made with an opaque stretch canvas with a solid, rigid background made from Dibond. This delivers great solidity, especially for large formats. The rigid background can be either lacquered, printed or glued. In any case, the non-backlit stretched canvas has optimal stability with large mounted feet, preventing any risk of tipping over.


Double-Sided Lightboxes

The double-sided lightbox has visual graphic on both sides of the frame. Available in a self-supporting or suspended application. The backside fabric will be printing on a diffusing fabric, in comparison to a blackout single-sided fabric.


Printed Canvas

An interior lightbox will require a diffusing material that will distribute light evenly along the canvas. They are generally located on the periphery, prevent any light source to be detected. The printed canvas can either be a textile, or coated with UV ink which is more resistant to abrasion. UV printing also provides better colour contrast and better resistance to colours fading over time.


Prismaprint operates under the Prismaflex Group, which is ISO 14001 certified and ecologically responsible. We strive in reducing the environmental impact of our business and products. For environmentally-conscious actions, we recommend purchasing a dimmer that adapts the light intensity to your interior. You could also consider a PVC-free option with solvent-free ink.


The lightbox or self-supporting frame requires is relatively simple to assemble. For large products or high rise installations, you may require professional assistance. Contact us for additional information regarding our installation services, we are happy to help!


Can I Use the Rush Frame for Outdoor Use?

Yes, for temporary or short-term use. This product is will not sustain against strong weather, especially during windy condition. To sustain against moisture and UV rays, we recommend coating considering the UV ink.

Indoor lightboxes are generally not intended for outdoor use. As this is electrical equipment, it is necessary to be vigilant about compliance with standards and regulations. For outdoor applications, it is advisable to look for a solution in our range of Exterior Frames and Lightboxes.

Can I Use these Lightboxes for my Advertising Signs?

Yes, these lightboxes are exclusively used for interior signage like an indoor shopping centre, restaurant, hotel lobby, event venue and much more. Consider fire regulations of your establishment prior to your purchase.

What is the Price of a Lightbox?

The selection of dimensions and custom finishes will have an impact on our rates. Prismaprint guarantees the best prices on the market. For additional information, please contact us!

What is the Largest Stretched Canvas Manufactured by Prismaprint?

The snap frame, as previously described, does not have a tensioning system nor any adjustments. The flexibility of the fabric will give the tension. This product is not recommended for formats larger than 3 m high by 6 to 8 m long. Please contact us for larger boxes, our team of professionals will provide alternate solutions.

What Type of Surface Can I Install My Lightbox or Stretched Canvas Frame?

For a simple frame, there are several stretched fabrics that can be adapted to your frame and surface of your wall. The lightbox is essentially fixed by its periphery and its bottom. Its belt is generally made of a relatively rigid profile that will require few fixing points. Our lightboxes can be adapted to most surfaces and are generally mounted effortlessly.


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