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A Print That Sticks Around for All Your Needs

Our collection of self-adhesive prints makes the perfect eye-catching display. From your windows to your walls, to your floors, we have you covered in our custom self-adhesive prints. Our selection gives your surface full or partial coverage depending on your needs. This product does not require any additional glue as the material is ready for application upon purchase. If you have any questions or are looking to inquire about our services, please contact us and we would be happy to help! Experts in large format digital printing for over 30 years, you can rely on us in delivering an exceptional display. Our installation services are available in Canada! Contact us for more information

Not sure what product to choose? Have a look at our Buyer's Guide for Self-Adhesives

Self-Adhesive For Your Wall Murals, Window Decals, and Floor Graphics

Given the extensive range of options available in delivering your message with a self-adhesive vinyl sticker, it is vital to find the right product for your application. Prismaprint can help you find the most suitable solution for your application. A self-adhesive decal may be a highly effective way of transmitting your advertising messages. They are easily customizable, can be installed anywhere, and are easy to apply. We offer displays for both indoor and outdoor use, from windows to countertops, floors, and walls. Have your prints cut or digital contour your prints to a custom shape. We offer both gloss and matte laminates. Our perforated window film allows a high visibility window advertising from outside while letting a substantial amount of light through. Prismaprint offers you the ability to create your advertising self-adhesives at the size you need with your custom design on the desired material. Choose your application, select your material, options, and design prior to ordering your product. For the visual aspect, there are several options available to you. Either upload your files online, use our graphic editor, or use the templates available online. Prismaprint also offers installation services across Canada for medium to large format adhesives if necessary.

What Type of Self-Adhesive Vinyl Should I Choose?

Prismaprint offers several types of adhesives to decorate your walls, windows, and floors:

  • Removable adhesive stickers are easy to install, easy to reposition and result in a bubble-free application upon installation
  • Perforated window film for windows allows for your message to appear on the outside while letting you see-through and letting light shine inside
  • The second surface application is for visuals that need to be installed from the inside but seen from the outside. Typically, these are printed on a clear self-adhesive vinyl with a reversed image and a white liner is applied or printed onto the back
  • Expand your advertising space with a floor decal and bring attention to your products, or use them as wayfinding
  • Floor graphics are becoming more popular since the outbreak of Covid-19, where floor decals are often used as a social distancing regulator
  • TAKO is an adhesive-free film that allows you to change the position of your adhesive, ideal for any smooth interior surface without leaving behind any residue

How Are Self Adhesives Printed at Prismaprint?

Your prints are digitally printed using a variety of inks depending on the application and on job sizes. They are cut and shape to size or laminated to protect the print from harmful UV effects, scratches, or even stains. Some laminates can even be tinted.

How To Create a Custom Wall Mural, Wall Graphic, or Decal Print Online?

Personalized or Customized Adhesive Prints Can Be Done Online:

  • Discover all our adhesive solutions on
  • Choose your self-adhesive based on your needs or applications
  • Choose your finishing details and your desired options
  • Place your order

How To Get Started With My Adhesive Print?

Printed self-adhesive or Wall Decals are an effective way to easily bring attention to your business, products, brands, events, or even wayfinding. To make your print stand out from others, use your creativity and your sense of style. Commercial wall decals need to differentiate from your competitors. Are you still not sure how to get started? A freelance graphic artist or an advertising agency may be for you or use one of our self-adhesive print templates to help facilitate your design.

Self-Adhesive Window Prints

The most popular print application for a retail environment is window prints. Window signs can be installed from inside or outside. First surface applications are installed from the outside and are seen from the outside. Second surface applications are installed from the inside and seen from the outside. And double-sided prints allow prints to be seen from both sides of the window. For additional information, contact us for more tips and help in getting started.

Smaller adhesives are perfect in guiding your steps or ideal in branding your walls with a custom logo. Interior decor has never been easier. Change up your feature wall seasonally, or decorate your office, lobby, restaurant, or business. Whatever your size requirement may be, we are here to help.

Floor Self Adhesive or Stickers

Easy installation, floor decals, and graphics have been around for years. However, with social distancing, they have become the norm and are used in almost any indoor public space. The print is laminated with an anti-slip or slip-resistant laminate with different grades of thickness for increasingly long-term application.


Why stop at your walls when you can enhance your door? Let your entryway guide you to medieval times or blend your library doors with a printed bookshelf cover. Find what you need to complete your interior decor.


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