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Wall Graphic

Dress up your walls with our adhesive Wall Graphic. An optimal way to redecorate your interior is with just a peel and stick. Get a new look for your bedroom, office, or place of business.

Product description

Adhesive Wall Graphic for Interior Decor

Prismaprint carries a selection of prints for our adhesive wallpapers. When looking to decorate your space, the walls and windows contribute as a huge interior design factor. Whether you are looking to keep it subtle and neutral, include abstract patterns, or get a photorealistic backdrop at the centre of your studio, we have just the right product for you. Our wall graphics wallpapers provide a fast and bubble-free application for a flat or curved surface. A great alternative to painting your walls to get the desired look you need to complete your bedroom, living room, or office space.

This material of our wall graphic is monomeric calendared PVC. This material is ideal for flat surfaces and makes the perfect application for glass, lacquered metal sheets, melamine and more. This product has an excellent quality to price ratio and to optimize its lifespan, you can choose between anti-UV matte or glossy finish.

How To Install and Apply Wallpaper Adhesive?

Our wall graphic wallpapers are easy to apply. Each product comes with directions on how to install your substrate on your own. Our bubble-free component makes it easier to apply the dry application and saves you more time to install than regular wallpaper. If you are unsure of how to mount your product, Prismaprint also offers installation services within the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us for additional information.

Where Can I Buy An Adhesive Wall Graphic Wallpaper?

Looking to purchase an adhesive wall graphic for your room? We provide a selection of prints and banners for all your needs at a competitive price. Contact us for assistance in getting the perfect wallpaper for your business or personal use. We offer our services Canada-wide and US for shipping.



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Product setup

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1 Product

Monomeric Calendared PVC

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