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Floor Decal

Have your sign stand out in a high foot trafficked area. Tough and durable through extensive uses, this anti-slip adhesive will give your customers a fresh perspective while enforcing social distancing regulations and wayfinding.

Product description

Floor Prints 

Floor adhesives or vinyl floor stickers are an effective way of getting your floor graphics or messages noticed in crowded pedestrian locations. Perfect for indoor use, the floor decals are applicable on smooth, flat surfaces for commercial use. Custom floor decals are great for brand awareness and in-store promotions. The scratch-resistant properties ensure a long-lasting display on your floors and an anti-slip component for your safety. 

Are the Floor Decals Durable? How Long Do They Last? 

Prismaprint offers premium products for extended use. Depending on the amount and intensity of traffic, our product can last for months. Our custom vinyl floor stickers are ideal for indoor use and our polar grip vinyl is perfect for outdoors. The indoor vinyl stickers are best used on smooth surfaces such as tiles, cement floors, and hardwood flooring. Polar grip vinyl can last for years in various conditions and can be applied to any surface such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, and brick. This smooth plastic substrate has a thicker adhesive layer for a stronger hold on porous surfaces.  

How to Install Custom Vinyl Floor Stickers? 

Our adhesive floor decals come in various shapes and sizes for a smooth installation. Our smaller vinyl floor stickers can be easily applied on your floors; however, the large surfaces would require professional installation. Prismaprint also provides floor stickers for arenas or peripheral areas of indoor sports fields. 

Are Floor Stickers Easy to Remove from Tiles? 

Our products are made of premium quality that not only guarantees a polished application but a clean removal procedure as well. For best results, the surface should be clean and free of dust and debris before applying the floor sticker. Upon removal, we guarantee this adhesive print will not damage your floors. 

Best Floor Logo and Signage 

This print is perfect for retail shops and grocery stores to mark floors and aisles. A terrific way to enforce social distancing and safety requirements in your establishment. Waterproof and easy to clean, this adhesive vinyl floor sticker can go a long way and preserve your prints with our special laminated coating. The matt finish on the adhesive serves as an anti-slip function for maximum safety use. Select the shape and size that best serves its purpose for your space.  

Where to Buy Floor Stickers? 

Prismaprint is located in the Greater Toronto Area but we extend our services Canada-wide and to the US. Contact us for further information, we are more than happy to help! 



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