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Perforated Window Decal

Micro-perforated window display for your interior space with the benefit of light passing through. Perfect for commercial, retail, or residential use, the perforated window decal provides a one-way display, while protecting your indoor space.

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What is a Perforated Window Decal? 

Prismaprint carries perforated window film, a fantastic way to dress up your window and glass surfaces while letting a reasonable amount of light pass through. Our microperforated adhesive wraps provide a one-way display, protecting your privacy from the inside, additionally preventing thefts and vandalism. Perfect for indoor shops, easy to display and advertise your products without blocking your view of the outside. 

How Do Full-Sized Perforated Window Graphics Work? 

Our perforated window film or “Perflex” operates with an adhesive backing for glass surfaces. These decals are made of adhesive vinyl material, with images and designs printed in full colour on the perforated wrap. The graphics are printed on adhesive vinyl material with micro punctures, small enough to maintain the quality of the image and see though the glass. While blocking over 80% UV rays, this film helps reduce a substantial amount of heat and glare from coming inside the store.  

How Do you Install a Perforated Window Film? 

Perforated window signs require a specific temperature range for the best result. Before installing, make sure the glass surface is clean and free of any residue. Clean your windows with soap and water and let them dry before application. Stay clear of any solvent-based window cleaner as it might affect the adhesive backing of the film. For best results, install perforated film on warm windows. Hot windows can cause the wrap to warp and stretch, and cold windows can affect the adhesion. Carefully align the edges, peel, and apply light pressure to get the film latched on the glass. For additional assistance in installing your perforated window film, contact us. We are more than happy to provide installation services. 

How Long Does a Custom Perforated Vinyl Sign Last? 

Prismaprint's perforated window decals are intended to last for a few years if used indoors. The longevity of the material does vary if used outside depending on weather conditions.  

How to Remove Perforated Window Decals? 

The removability of the perforated window print depends on the image-to-hole ratio of the vinyl. If the holes are small, the chances of the vinyl ripping during the removal are minor. For a hassle-free removal, we recommend pulling from the top edge of the graphic, and not the corner, pulling down gently and slowly. This will eventually break the adhesive bond as the vinyl comes off the window. If the adhesive is not coming off, we advise carefully heating up the vinyl to soften the adhesive or apply a soap and water mixture. This will eventually penetrate through the vinyl, making it easier to strip away the film. 


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