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Custom Banner

Personalize your banner. With you choice of material, finishing and display, make a banner that caters specifically to your needs.

Product description

Create a Custom Banner

Create a unique personalized banner that meets your needs! A banner beyond custom printing lets you personalize your choice of formats, materials, and finishes for every surface.

Prismaprint's selection of banners is available in various materials. Our PVC 450g is our standard polyvinyl chloride material with M1-certified properties. The mesh banner M1 300g is a micro-perforated banner type. The polyester coated Jet Tex is our non-PVC option, and the decolit is a non-deformable, lightweight, and flexible option.

Why Do Customers Choose this Personalized Banner Option?

This material is perfectly configurable for your sales, trade shows or any indoor or outdoor event. Your choice of size selection is up to 5 meters long with no seamsSelect your product, personalize your banner size options and finish the process.

You can also customize the desired edges of your signwith our large choice of rough cut (no edges), hems, sleeves (20, 30, or 40 mm), or metal grommets.

With all of these options, you "may ask how much does it cost" ? Well, it totally depends on your customization. However, we provide budget-friendly banners.

What Material to Order for Indoor or Outdoor Use?

For indoor use, a fire retardant banner is ideal. Our M1 certified materials are non-flammable, making this the perfect choice for you and your customer's safety.

Our standard PVC 450g is a prime example, but can also be used for outdoor purposes as well. The M1 polyester Jet Tex limits glare when exposed to direct light. The Decolit M1 tarp-rated edge will not curl over time and is perfect for long-term use.

Finally, the mesh M1 300g permits a limited amount of light to pass through. This banner is perfect for giving minimal exposure to elements behind the banner. This product works especially well in an outdoor setting by letting the wind pass through without damaging the fabric. Choose the custom advertising banner that works best for you!

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