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Self-Standing Banner

An independent frame with an easy setup kit. The Self-Standing Banner is portable and stable on its two feet. This product makes an exceptional choice for conventions, retail stores, and pop-up booths.
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What is a Self-Standing Banner? 

A banner that does not require a wall for mounting as this product provides the support necessary for a solid and stable display. Prismaprint’s Self-Standing Banner is an excellent choice to present your graphics or promotional message at a conference, exhibition, or social event. A product that is easy to transport and comes pre-assembled for your convenience. This banner stand provides an elegant display for your space, and the pole pockets within the corners of the material make it accessible to set up and take down in just a few minutes.  

Banner for Tradeshows, Retail Stores, and Conferences  

An effective way to make an impact at any social event, display your custom design or advertisement on our Self-Standing banner. For a product that will last you through multiple uses, our banners are composed of polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET. This freestanding display is made of sturdy, heavy-duty plastic, but it is also very lightweight and portable. However, if you choose to display your print on this single-sided print, we can assure you that your print will get all the attention it deserves. This banner stand is suitable for indoor use only.  

How to Set Up a Banner Stand? 

Our banner stand comes pre-assembled upon purchase. With proper care, our product can last you for years and can be easily stored away for your next event, sales, or for any special occasion. This banner is also a cost-efficient option that allows you to replace your current poster design with another. A quick and easy installation allows you to replace the visual with a new print. Our products are simple to set up and will help you get the job in no time.  

Efficient Portable Display 

Looking to feature a Self-Standing Banner at an upcoming event? Contact us for a quote and we would be able to assist you with additional information regarding pricing and sizing. We are located in the Greater Toronto Area and extend our services Canada-wide and to the US for shipping. 

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