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Environmental Banner

Go PVC-free with a banner that thinks green. This lightweight eco-friendly product gives you an exceptional display while being considerate of the environment.
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What is an Environmental Banner? 

Prismaprint's Environmental Banner is a great way to stay green with a vibrant display. The advantage of owning this banner brings you a lightweight product at a much competitive rate than our standard PVC (polyvinyl chloride) banner. Made from polyethylene fabric, also known as PE. This material is known as the most produced plastic in the world and used in the production of water bottles, plastic bags and known for producing water bottles, plastic bags, and many houseware products. PE is a long-lasting, lightweight material that is resistant to sun damage, corrosion, and electricity. This material is also very flexible and can be melted down multiple times and be reused which is what makes this product more environmentally cautious than the PVC. Our Environmental Banner is produced of high quality and is best intended for medium to short-term use.  

Why Choose This Material? 

The Environmental Banner is an ecological option, making it a much favourable choice for the environment. This product provides exceptional colour print on a large format banner at an incredibly competitive price. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and provides a substantial hold with the support of the embedded hems and grommets. 

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