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Double-Sided Banner

Double the excitement with a Double-Sided banner. Make the most of your product with an opaque banner.

Product description

Our Double-Sided Banners

A banner that will make your image and message twice as visible to consumers. Using double-sided banners for marketing is simpler and more efficient than hanging two separate banners.  

Prismaprint's double-sided banners are an exceptional choice to display your sign or customized prints at the center of a room, visible from both sides. A high-definition print on high-quality, opaque material. Your graphics and information details will be displayed without any light sources seeping through. This large-format print is ideally suspended from your ceiling or suitable for exterior exhibition as well.   

Custom Double-Sided Banners for Businesses  

At Prismaprint, we specialize in bringing as much life to your brand through our selection of banners. Whether you choose to display your logo, services, or advertise a promotion, our double-sided vinyl banner is an optimal choice for your needs. Convenient for permanent or limited-time display with the help of our grommets or pole pockets for a great suspension, and sturdy hold. Our custom vinyl banners are exceptionally durable and allow you to reuse them on multiple occasions. Perfect for an annual job fair, seasonal and remote work events. For additional information on custom sizes, contact us! We offer our services Canada-wide and US for delivery.

Banners for Indoors and Outdoors  

More than one side for double the exposure. Our two-sided banners are very lightweight and contain exceptional durability components.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor events, we guarantee a high-definition image display that will have your graphics looking clean and crisp from both sides of the banner. Present your event and contact information on a banner that will last through rainy days, high winds, direct sunlight, and heat. A banner you can hang with the help of the grommets attached, or pole pockets for a display stand.  

What Is This Product Made Of?

Our double-sided banner is made from a strong, lightweight plastic called polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET. This material is strong, durable, and resistant to moisture. Compatible with digital printing, this product gives you a high-quality finish to your graphics. The hanging banner is engineered exclusively for indoor use only. 

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Banner Made? 

Looking for a signage solution that will make a double impact at your trade show, exhibition, or arena? Our double-sided banner is the best option for an extensive solution. Order a double-sided banner with your own design, we offer competitive rates for premium print quality. Prismaprint carries a variety of sizes with a minimum of 20x20 inches. Contact us for additional information and we would be more than happy to assist you with your order. 

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Product setup

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