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How Long Will My Banner Last Outdoors?

Banners are often used for short- or medium-term applications, which can take anytime between a few weeks to a few months. Some communication mediums can be conductor for longer periods depending on the material and finishing of the products. They are often used for general announcement purposes, as well as displaying essential information relating to business purposes such as grand openings, promotions, or holidays signage.  

It is important to properly calibrate your banner to its intended use and to select your material as resourceful as possible. Banners intended for exterior or long-term use do involve additional cost due to a much more sustainable material, along with additional finishes that prevent tear or discolouration over time.  

The durability of your banner will depend on these 4 key factors: 

The first factor is the choice of material. The selection of materials listed among our banners accommodates a life expectancy of 2 years of outdoor use. However, the format and exposure of the advertising banner may vary the lifespan of the material. For large format displays, PVC-coated fabrics are the most resistant and effective. Non-woven coated fabrics like the Polytex are lighter in weight and less resistant but are much more favourable to the environment.  

The second factor is manufacturing. When the life expectancy of the banner is coming to its end, the edges of the banner will begin to tighten. To prolong the longevity of the banner, it is advisable to reinforce the edges with hems to prevent tearing and to strengthen the hold for grommets. We also recommend securing enough grommets to stretch the fabric accordingly.  

The third factor is the tightness of the banner. A banner properly stretched and well secured all around will last much longer. A loosely hung fabric will potentially flap in the wind and will end up tearing. The more grommets embroidered along the edges will result in a more secured and well distributed tensioned banner. This well-fixed banner can remain in place for several years without failure.  

The fourth factor is printing. If your banner is well attached and properly stretched, the fabric will hold and stay intact for several years without deteriorating. On the other hand, the ink used is incredibly vital as the printing will fade and lose its vibrancy with age and intense UV exposure. The lifespan given is 2 years until a progressing ageing process takes place. For many cases, the aging factor for our ink used for printing is usually not an issue.  


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