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How To Hang A Banner?

Setting up an advertising banner can be done in just a few simple steps. Prismaprint’s banners are fabricated with grommets embroidered along the edge of the fabric, adapted according to the correct format.  

We advise that you purchase your commercial banner with grommets installed every 20 inches, giving you the freedom to adjust as often as you would like, especially if you are installing a banner for a temporary period. We also encourage that you add hems along the periphery when making your purchase as this will strengthen the grommets in tough environments, and prolonged periods. 

For our selection of large format banners, the manufacturing procedure can be optimized to reduce the cost.  

The banner can be installed using resilient ropes or strings strapped to the grommets to stretch the canvas for a high-tension display. The zip ties are also a great option as they are inexpensive and incredibly resistant. They operate as a discrete support system, but however, will not bring any additional tensions other than what was established during installation.  

To set up your banner against a wall, you will need to mark your walls for the incision. Be mindful of the nature of the wall as you will be setting up either screws, pegs, hooks, or pitons. Ideally, a steel frame or welded wires around the perimeter is best recommended and allows a perfect fix to your banner. A welded wire mesh fixed to the wall works just as well.  

Depending on the desired period of your promotional banner, consider the size and additional finishes you can apply to your banner for a sustainable and durable display. 

If you wish to set up your banner on a fence, the procedure is much simpler than a wall mounted display. Make use of the wire or gaps of your fence and convert into an ideal structure for your ropes, hooks, or zip ties. Please keep in mind that strong outdoor conditions such as rain, wind or snow can have an impact on your structure and would require a substantial hold. The ideal banner for these circumstances would be the Mesh Banner. The holes provide an airway and limit the load from any sort of moisture or wind.  

For an installation in-between two poles or structures, we advise that your first stretch a cable in between both fixing points accurate dimensions for the distance covered, and to distinguish the size of the banner. You can also use a measuring tape as well. The banner can be fixed using the grommets at the corners of the fabric and attached to the hooks or any other supported item with ropes or zip ties. We advise that you choose a grid material like our Mesh Banner to limit the wind load, preventing any tear in various weather conditions.  



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