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Buyer's Guide for Canvas & Wallpapers

Create Your Own Custom Wall Decoration

When decorating the walls of your professional space, whether it is a reception, waiting area, showroom, or even just an office area, we carry different solutions at your disposal.

A Custom Large Scale Wallpaper

The Graphic Wallpaper covers the entire surface of your wall and is ideal for generating the desired atmosphere in your space. With a backdrop this intense, you can choose your graphic in accordance with a theme you wish to furnish. Either nature, urban or optical illusion-themed, personalize your graphics with some of your favourite hobbies, colour pallet, or even personal branding.

When selecting the wallpaper for your space, be sure to choose a graphic or pattern that will not interfere with other decorative elements present in your space, but a design that compliments and alleviate your ambiance. Use your wallpaper to communicate your message clearly and effectively. The format can be tailored to any room and allows you to get creative with your favourite photographs, designs, or typography. You can also choose your material, finish and support.

Here are some of our commonly used materials for wallpaper:

150-gram Paper

The 150-gram paper is the most economical option carried by Prismaprint. Full coverage with a high-resolution print delivered in multiple strips, in a single strip up to 3.15m high. This product is available in adhesive for a long-lasting display or non-adhesive for temporary exposure with your choice of support. It is important to keep your walls clean, smooth. and dry prior to installation.


147-gram Non-Woven Paper

The 147-gram non-woven paper is Prismaprint's premium quality material. Synthetic fibres are incorporated into the material for a seamless application. This material is much more resistant to wear and tear than standard paper, especially if the non-woven paper has an adhesive backside. We also carry this product in our non-adhesive option with your choice of support at competitive prices. The wallpaper can be delivered in multiple strips, or in a single strip at a length of 2.7m high.


Polyester Canvas with Jet Tex

The polyester canvas with jet tex is a high-quality product and an absolute "must-have" for your custom wall decor. This product has excellent fire rating properties and can be safely displayed in any interior establishment. The textile texture delivers a beautiful matte and structure appearance. With great tear resistance, this material will not damage upon installation and makes it easy to remove. This product can be delivered in multiple strips, or in a single strip up to 3.1 m high for a simplified installation, transportation, and storage.

Custom Stretched Canvas

The custom stretched canvas requires an effortless installation. Hang a lovely display on your walls for a change of scenery in your home or workspace. The print is available in various formats, with a minimum of 16" x 16" up to 78" x 55" as our maximum. The large formats are a great alternative between a decorative frame and wallpaper as it provides substantial wall coverage on a hidden frame.

Prismaprint offers a simple to assemble aluminum frame delivered in 4 borders accompanied by 4 corners. The canvas fabric is delivered roll-up and designed to clip inside the assembled frame. The aluminum frame holds a great advantage over the standard wooden frame as it weighs a lot less, is more durable, and is more sustainable in various environmental conditions. With its resistance to moisture, you can also hang this product in an outdoor setting if desired, or in a moist environment like a bathroom or spa without having the quality degrading.

This product also gives you the flexibility of changing the fabric with the same frame. While storing the fabric away for future use, the product will not bend or crease, keeping the product in great condition. Perfect for storing or transporting large format prints.

The Jet Tex material has excellent fire ratings and delivers a knotted canvas textured effect. This product is available in other materials upon request, including non-fire-rated materials. The product also gets delivered in the same package as the frame.

Custom Print In Plexiglass® or Dibond®

A rigid graphic print on a synthetic glass such as Plexiglass will make your space feel modern. This material can be used as a decorative element in almost any space and used as marketing and promotional signage for businesses and corporations. Printed on the back of the material, the Plexiglass® has a gloss finish, and the thickness of the material and gives a sense of depth and accentuates the colours and definition of the print. This print is available in a variety of sizes up to 40"x 60" in width and height and supplied in 3 finishing and fixing options.

An invisible frame at the back of the print allows you to easily set up the printed graphic with an offset from the surface adds dimensions into your walls.

A set of 4 pins, also called spacers will be fixed into 4 pilot holes of the plate. The two top pics will be used to fix the board and the two bottom pics will maintain their spacing. This procedure is widely used in the product of indoor signage such as directional or identification of places or objects.

Without finishings, you can also add your printed board as you wish according to the configuration of the place. Dibond® board can be mounted in a similar way with the same finishing and custom options. This material does give off a matte finish, but the aluminum look and edges show the different materials, giving them a contemporary look.

Custom Lightbox in a Stretched Fabric

The Lightbox is a great option to get your graphic or messages noticed in the dimmest lighting. We provide a selection of thickness and size and can be formatted up to 3m high. The stretched fabric can be easily installed and can be changed according to seasons and events and can be reused in future use.

The Lightbox is available in 3 thickness sizes:

  • 43mm: adapted to small formats
  • 70mm: standard size, great look for a great value
  • 120mm: suitable for large formats

Our Lightboxes are also available in 3 standard colours:

  • White Lacquered RAL 9010
  • Black Lacquered
  • Anodized Silver White

Most of our products require no professional installation and are easy to use. For the best result, we do recommend that you get assistance in setting up your custom wallpaper to prevent any faults. Our 150g paper is often used for a large format wallpaper and this happens to be our only PVC-free option. This material is composed of recyclable material and the inks used for wallpapers are solvent-free with the Green Gard Gold label.


Can I Print My Photos or Images on a Custom-Made Wallpaper?

Yes, you can submit your photo or any custom graphic for print online. Be mindful of the resolution of your image o avoid pixelation when enlarged.

Which Printing Process Will My Custom Wall Decor be Printed?

Whether it is the wallpaper, painting, or lightbox, your image will be printed on a large format inkjet printing machine with UV drying. The printing optimizes the life span with a 2 years duration outdoors and extended when used indoors.

Where Can I Find Ideas For A Wall Hanging or Wall Tapestry?

If you are looking for images or inspirations for your wall decor, we recommend that you browse through our home decor website at You will find a wide selection of images based on the product presented in the guide with the latest decorating trends.

Can I Set Up A Personalized Frame Around My Picture?

Yes, in fact, we recommend that your order your Plexiglass® or Dibond® print without a frame and without any mounting holes.

How Do I Create My Decorative Print?

There are a few options that you can use to design your print. The Adobe Creative Suite like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator are all great ways to get creative. We also have our online design tool available that lets you apply simple edit to your design.


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