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Buyer's Guide For Roll Up Displays

What is a Roll-Up Banner?

A roll-up or pull-up mechanical system is integrated on a stand and provides a display that can be easily retracted into a compact case after use. It is the perfect way in spreading your message, promotional advertisement, or graphic designs at a store entrance, lobby, or any high trafficked area. It will be your ally of choice for an effective communication display at any social gathering or event.

The advertising message is stored inside an aluminum case, along with a spring-loaded rolling system. To implement the roll-up component, your banner is installed and taken down in just minutes. It's that simple, swivel out the feet, pull up your banner and your message will be exhibited independently.

The advantage of this product is how compact this banner is, ideal for storage. The aluminum case protects the banner from creasing or any other damages and will keep your product in perfect condition. In addition, it comes with a carrying bag for easy and hassle-free transportation. Despite the rigid aluminum structure, this product is also very light and weighs about 2kg to 3kg depending on your choice of product.

Retractable Banner or X Frame Banner?

The X Frame Banner is another practical portable display system. Very similar in size, this frame contains 4 hooks on each corner, stretching the canvas and attached with 4 grommets that met each corner. The X-shaped structure located at the back of the frame is comprised of rods. Two rods also made of composite material are deployed to create the base of the device. Much like the Retractable Banner, the X Frame Banner is very easy to set up and take down. The composite fiber structure is very light and therefore very easy to transport. A carrying bag is also provided with your purchase. The X Frame Banner is a lightweight banner and is the perfect option for transportation and often used in shop windows, trade shows and conventions. This products is also is also cost efficient due to a reduces delivery cost and makes the perfect display for a promotional operation on a set of point of sale.  An X Frame Banner can be reused with a new graphic for any occasion. You can order your banner without the frame and install it easily by hooking the grommets on each corner. The removal procedure is just as simple. 

What Are The Sizes Available for Retractable Banner?

  • 31.5" x 78.5"
  • 33.5" x 78.5"
  • 48.25" x 78.5"
  • 59" x 78.5"

All formats are 2 meters high.

Prismaprint's most popular format is the 33.5" x 78.5" and brings you the best quality to price ratio and fulfills your promotional message on a vertical banner. The 59" x 78.5" is the largest format we carry and works for every occasion. This banner can also be easily transported regardless of its forma and weighs less than 7kg with the printed banner.

What Are The Sizes Available for the X Frame Banner?

  • 20" x 60"

  • 30" x 70"

Our most popular format is the 30" x 70".

What Materials Can Be Mounted For My Retractable or X Frame Banner?

The banners used for both products is a stretched canvas for a premium look. Our banners are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a very solid and durable material. This material can be cut, shaped and welded easily and provides an excellent printing quality. It is important that the edge of the material does not curl or roll up which is why we chose the PVC. Ideal for indoor use with great fire rating properties and outdoor use for resistance against moisture, sun damage and extreme weather conditions.

If you are looking for an environmentally conscious option, you can select our polyester fabric coated with acrylic (PVC-free). This fabric gives off a matte textured finish, very close appearance to a canvas fabric and is also very resistant and durable over time. The polyester film can also be an option. The advantage of films in contrast to fabrics single use of material, making it easier to recycle after use. However, it may not be as dependable as it is a little more delicate and is not meant for being folded.

In some cases, it may be favourable to have opaque materials for printing support. This will increase the print quality perception as the product is not transparent. Having light around your banner can cast a shadow on the other side of the print and hinders the visibility of your message or graphic. Our opaque fabric is layered with a grey backside It would be ideal to choose a fabric that will block out any light source passing through for an optimal display.


Prismaprint is committed to an eco-responsible approach. Our printing ink used for our Retractable and X Frame Banner are produced without any solvents and meet the Green Guard Gold environment label standard. To reduce the environmental impact of your advertising banner, we recommend using PVC-free materials, like our coated fabrics or plastic films. In contrast to PVC, these substrates are can be recycled easily after use. Our products are also designed for multiple use with interchangeable graphics, allowing you to reuse your frame for a different event or occasion.


Can I Use My Retractable Banner or X Banner Outside?

The retractable banner is made of weather resistant materials such as aluminum, PVC and sustainable ink, but this product is manly design for interior use. The weight of the product is not recommended for outdoor temperature as it may not remain stable in windy conditions.

What Type of Printing is Done on my Banner?

We print our banners on high resolution digital printing machines and with UV inks. These inks are very resistant to aging and your print will keep your graphics crisp for long term use.

Can I Order My Banner Online?

Prismaprint's online selection is available for purchase. If you are looking for additional information regarding a specific product, please contact our sales advisors in finding the best product for your needs.

Can I Choose a Transparent Fabric for My Banner?

Although we usually recommend opaque materials for a striking display, we also offer a transparent fabric for a lovely printed decoration.

Can I Customize my Retractable or X Frame Banner?

Our products are can be customized to your liking. You can upload your own graphics or use our template online and create your own unique visual. You can also find some helpful tips regarding your roll up banner on this website. The format of the banners cannot be customized.


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