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Buyer's Guide for Banners

Print your promotional message on malleable support. A flexible banner such as our vinyl tarp or a stretched fabric is a preferable option for large format displays in comparison to a rigid sign. There are many factors that support this statement as the fabric or films are a much lighter-weight option. With a weight lower than 500m/m2, this collection delivers a high-quality print on a large-scale surface at a reduced weight. Banners can be printed in large formatted scale on a digital printer up to 5 meters wide. Beyond this size, the variations of widths and heights are assembled in the workshop by high-frequency welding, or sewing depending on the material, guaranteeing an impeccable seal. The fabrics can be folded or rolled, making them accessible for transportation or hassle-free to store away for future use. Our banners are also a cost-efficient option in contrast to other materials. Choose a large format banner for excellent visibility for your message or graphic designs. 

How To Choose the Material for my Custom Banner?

Different criteria should be taken into account when selecting the material for your custom banner.

Fire Rating

One of our frequently asked questions concerns the safety and regulations regarding indoor fires. It is always advisable to inquire if your selected material meets the fire safety standard before making your purchase. The regulations concern shopping centers, halls, exhibitions, sporting events, and many indoor public spaces. We offer a wide selection of products with and without fire retardants.


Depending on the application and the area of installation, you may have to consider a certain level of transparency for your display. If you choose to display your banner in an area with strong light, or a double-sided banner, you may way to consider an opaque material as the print may seep through the other side or may be overpowered by the brightness. Our opaque fabric contains a black film at the center for an impenetrable display. If you wish to exhibit a lightbox or backlit wall decor, then you will require a diffusing canvas. The fabric will distribute the light evenly over the entire surface.

If you desire a certain level of transparency for your store-front displays, you may want to consider our Mesh option. A micro-perforated fabric that covers up to 70% of the surface. This option is also ideal to limit wind pressure for outdoor use. If you do not have any specific limitations or constraints, choose out a standard ecological or eco-friendly banner.


The flexible materials can be printed up to 5 meters long with a standard width of 3.2 meters. Any sizes beyond this measurement the edges will be welded or sown according to the material. The installation would be done professionally but the edges remain visible. If you wish to purchase a product with no edges, choose a material with an adapted width. Inquire for additional information.

Weather Resistant

Most of our flexible banners are used for outdoor displays. They tend to be highly resistant to UV rays and mildew, particularly our PVC fabric. Polyvinyl Chloride has a lifespan of over 5 years with proper use and installation. The materials provided on the website are widely adapted to many events up to 1 year of outdoor use, including our lightweight PVC-free Polytex. For wind resistance, it may be necessary to choose a more heavy-duty material for large formats. This is usually necessary when the length and height of the product exceed 3.2 meters and 5 meters but it all varies with the choice of material. Nevertheless, the strength of the banner often depends on its suspension method and support (grommets, hems, sleeves, etc.)


The weight of the material does not guarantee complete resistance and may be ideal to select a lightweight product to facilitate transportation and handling during installation. A heavier banner may deliver a much better hold as the weight of the material remains stable if used as a hanging banner.

Texture and Finish

Some prints have a glossy, laminated finish, while others have a textured or matter cover like our Polyester Jet Tex, a much suitable option for interior backdrops or photoshoots as it has a reduced glared effect.

Here are a Few Examples of Finishes Listed Below: 

The finish often depends on the suspension option chosen adequately for your banner. You should always consider that your environment can determine your product's lifespan such as strong winds, moisture, UV rays and extreme temperatures. The application method also has an impact on its longevity.

Square Cut  

A square cut finish is simply a straight cut around the printed visual. The print is raw with no additional finishing added.  

Our Advice 

This type of finishing is ideal for short-term, temporary visual communications. For extensive outdoor exposure, the edges of the banner will eventually weaken over time and can potentially tear or fail.  


Grommets are a rust-proof metal support system applied along the edges of the banner after printing to reinforce the banner, allowing it to be tied or hung. This finishing is best displayed on buildings, fences, or in between two supporting structures. The grommets also protect the edges from being ripped. 

Our Advice  

This option is suitable for smaller, classic banners designed for short-term applications. Promotional or occasional advertisements are examples of temporary use. The grommets can be spaced up to 3 feet apart.  


Hemming or hem is the edge of the material that has been folded under and has been sewn or welded. Unlike the sleeve, hems do not allow any bars or any other forms of support to pass through as they are purposed for their aesthetic rendering of the material and increases the strength and durability of the banner. 

Our Advice 

For optimal results in a large format, we strongly advise you to choose the hem for the finish rather than a rough cut. hem finish provides better support for long-term support for quality communication support. For interior applications, the hems are not often necessary. 

Hems and Grommets 

Hems and grommets are the most effective finishing application for an outdoor banner. Combining the strengthening features of the hem and the efficiency of the grommets, these added finishings prevent tear, particularly when used outdoors. These are a great way to optimize your banner’s life span for long term use.  

Our Advice 

We strongly recommend adding the hems and grommets to your finished print when used outdoors. The weather conditions are unforeseeable, and these two components reinforce the edges of the material, making it more sustainable during windy conditions.  


Pockets or sleeves are often used for suspended applications like our Hanging Banners. A sleeve located at the top for suspension, and at the bottom for stability and prevents the banner from being swayed.  

Our Advice  

It is important to define the correct dimension and diameter of the dowel prior to ordering your product. This guarantees a seamless fit.  

Rope and Sleeve 

Rope and sleeves are similar options to our pocket and dowel finish. The pocket holes are smaller and designed for passing a rope through, with the excess hanging out from both sides of the banner. This is an easy way to hang the print from either side of two supporting poles or hooks.  

Our Advice 

We recommend choosing the rope and sleeve option as it facilitates the hanging procedure, especially if the supporting poles or hooks are located from the edge of the banner. Prior to purchasing your product, measure the distance between the edges of your banner to your support and find the desired length of the rope.  

Reinforced Webbing 

Reinforced webbing is a nylon strip that is welded inside the hem, or on the back of the printed banner. Webbing is typically used on large format banner for maximum strength and durability. When webbing is used, the grommets penetrate through 2 layers of vinyl as well as the webbing, which greatly reduces the risks of tearing from the sheet weight during windy conditions. 

Our Advice 

We strongly recommend that you consider this finish when looking for an outdoor banner for extensive use. The double layer of vinyl adds reinforcement to your material and optimizes its lifespan. This finish is available in several dimensions but is also available in a clear/transparent for a seamless finish.  


Keder bead consists of two parts: the core and the fabric. The core is made from extruded PVC to allow flexibility.  The core is wrapped inside the fabric, which has exposed fibers on the outside, allowing the Keder to slide into an extrusion. It has coating on the inside to ensure proper adhesion during welding 

Our Advice 

Keder track is the best option for large displays and billboards to mount. Ask us for a keder rail solution hardware.  

Hook and Loop 

Hook and loop is a terrific way of attaching your semi-stretch banner on a structure, wall, freestanding pop-up display, exhibition stands, and much more. This finish is a Velcro adhesive that allows you to attach, reposition and remove your banner with little effort. You have the option of having it sewn on the back of the banner or along the edges of the front. Hook and Loop is sewn or taped into the rear inner perimeter.  

Our Advice 

We advise that you use this finishing option for indoor use only. You can use the hook and loop to hang your banner in a foyer or theater as an effective way to quickly attach and remove a backdrop.  

SEG Beading  

The SEG Beading is a flat silicon beading option. The silicone bead is sewn along the edges of the banner and hidden from view once installed.  

Our Advice 

We recommend this finishing option for your indoor retail displays and lightbox stretch fabrics. This high-tension system delivers a quality print rendering in a compact frame. 

Prismaflex Beading/ Jonc 

Prismaflex beading or jonc is a unique frame support exclusively offered by Prismaprint. Upon installing the fabric, this finishing option clips your fabric into the frame for a secure hold. Contact us for additional information.  

Our Advice 

This finishing choice is designed for interior use, but more specifically towards exterior use due to its resistant properties and durable hold.  

Other Installation

With over 30 years of high quality, large formatted print, Prismaprint caters to indoor and outdoor displays. The Prismaclip is adapted to permanent installation on buildings and is intended for fabric and backlit displays. Other finishes are optional; installation with a ring around the edge, velcro installation, different sized grommets, special grommet layout, and much more. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries regarding your projects on a stretched wrap. A proper suspension and installation are essential as it obtains quality rendering and optimizes their life span. Small banners can be installed at little cost, For large advertising displays or oversized banners. we recommend having the product be installed by professionals as they are more equipped with tools and techniques for a flawless display. Prismaprint's installation services are available Canada-wide. During the installation, your safety, and that of others are our priority! For banners installed at a great height, be sure to use the appropriate lifting equipment for your safety.


Prismaprint operates under the umbrella company, Prismaflex Inc. Economical printing, the environmental aspect of your project is important to us as we would be more than happy to accompany our customers along this process.

Each project is different, but here are some tips:

  • Select the material that works best for your environment and purpose
  • For an environmentally cautious option, we recommend PVC-free banners


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