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Acrylic Print

A surface as clear as glass. The acrylic surface highlights the quality and details of your graphics to another level and delivers a stunning display that protects your prints from various environmental conditions.

Product description

Hanging Images and Photographs

An elegant, borderless print for the perfect modern decor. Prismaprint's Acrylic Print brings out the beauty and simplicity of your graphics with a glossy surface. Acrylic is a transparent material with strengthening, stiffness, longevity, and weathering properties. It is often referred to as "acrylic glass" due to its resemblance and optical clarity and brilliance. This material represents petroleum-based thermoplastics derived from natural gas. The acrylic overlaying print will enhance the colours and details and deliver a stunning display. This product is perfect for retail stores, tradeshows, exhibition stands, office lobbies, and much more.

Glass-Like Prints for your Wall Art

The Acrylic Print is favoured by many home-maker professionals for its captivating depth and sophisticated gloss finish. The perfect focal piece to any interior, this product is incredibly durable with resistance to many chemicals and can withstand over 15 times more impact than ordinary glass. Our flatbed printing machines allow us to print directly on the surface for a high-quality print rendering. With great scratch resistance and UV resistant properties, the Acrylic Wall Art adapts well to a range of temperature

Custom Plexiglass Photo Prints

Plexiglass is a brand name for acrylic and is a term generally used for acrylic and is both essentially the same thing. The Acrylic Print brings a vibrant visual impact to your most cherished moments and adds depth, dimension, and complexity to your walls and interior decor. This material is 2.5mm thick with your choice of dimension. This makes a lovely family portrait in a living room, bedroom, or along the staircase wall. You can also display artworks and personal photographs in a studio or gallery.

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Product setup

1 Product

1 Product

Vinyl(10oz, black backed)

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