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Graphic Wallpaper

Dress up your walls from top to bottom with adhesive wallpaper. An easier and cleaner alternative to paint, you can customize your walls with any visual graphic or alluring pattern of your choice.

Product description

Custom Wall Art

Get the print and design of your choice and have it displayed on your walls. Prismaprint's Graphic Wallpaper is the most efficient way of decorating your walls. Whether it is your office, your bedroom, or your kitchen, we have what you need to create your desired ambiance. Our selection of unique peel and stick wallpapers will bring life into your walls with your own personal twist. Instead of painting or plastering your walls, why not add Graphic Wallpaper for a similar effect? Our products are made to measure, choose the dimensions required to feature your entire wall.

Modern, Trendy, Abstract, and Contemporary Designs

One of the advantages of interior decor is not having your location dictate your desired atmosphere. You can bring the French Country Home decor inside an urban apartment, or create a modern and contemporary atmosphere in a traditional building. Capture people's attention in your dining area with a geometric pattern wallpaper, or keep it simple with neutral curvy lives. A modern wall decor keeps your space feeling fresh and pairs easily with almost every piece of furniture. You can also create a feature wall with a textured illusion. Get a feel of an industrial penthouse with a brick pattern wallpaper, or stone texture wall mural for contemporary rustic decor. The choice is yours! The great thing about setting up wallpaper in your interior is the ability to change it as often as you'd like. Keep your walls current and up to date with a graphic wallpaper of your choice.

Personal Photos and Images for a Beautiful Background

You can make use of the Graphic Wallpaper for personal use as well. If you are looking for creative ways to decorate your personal space like a bedroom, studio, or office, why not add a cherished memory as an addition to your interior? Whether you have taken stunning photographs abroad or looking to keep your loved ones close, upload an image of your favourite moments and have it displayed as wallpaper. You can cover all corners of your space, or use a single wall as a focal piece. A hassle-free way of decorating your entire way with a single display in contrast to hanging frames.

Large Scale Installation

Prismaprint's Graphic Wallpaper has an adhesive backside for a smooth installation. We manufacture high-quality materials available in non-woven paper (147g) or polyester fabric canvas (200g) for a beautiful finish. Depending on your surface size, the wallpaper is installed in strips while the edges overlap one another for a seamless look. The Graphic Wallpaper comes with an adhesive backside and there is no additional gluing required, making the installation procedure quick and easy. We offer our services Canada-wide, please contact us for assistance. We are happy to help!




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