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Printed Poster

A large display that brings your walls to life. The Printed Poster is manufactured in a durable, tear-proof material designed to last you a long time. Pin it on your walls, roll up and store it after use without any crease or fold marks.

Product description

Digital Wall Art

Looking to feature a custom Printed Poster and get an art feature for your bedroom, living room, or studio? Create a poster in any format for your interior space. Prismaprint's Poster Print gives you the option of hanging, pinning, or fixing your poster on your walls. Trendy posters are the perfect way in keeping your inspirations close. Feature your favourite artist, your dream destination, or a stunning landscape to complement your furniture. Prismaprint guarantees a premium display that will have all eyes on them. Printed Posters have been around for decades and have a nostalgic appeal to them. They also make the perfect disguise for any wall imperfections or defects.

Custom Print Design

Prismaprint's Printed Poster makes a wonderful added decor to any space. Posters are a great way to make a visual impact and are easily interchangeable. Posters can be fixed on a wall using pins or adhesive tape, which can be adjusted or relocated. For a bedroom, add a poster of your favourite vacation above your bed or make use of this product to brand your place of business. What better way to add a personal touch while letting your walls breathe. You can set up a sequence of prints add a feature wall for a studio. Select the colours, typeface, images, or illustrations accordingly, and let our Printed Posters make the perfect addition to your walls.

Product Information

Prismaprint manufactures large scale prints at exceptional quality. Our product is composed of Polytex, a trade name for High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This material is incredibly flexible and durable. Polytex does not tear easily, has great fire rating properties, and protects against harmful UV rays, preventing fading or discolouration over time. This is perfect if you wish to use this product for the long term and, can be displayed near a window or in any interior with exposed sublight without the quality degrading. 



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Product setup

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