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XL Retractable Banner 47.25" x 78.5"

Get the visual aid on a bigger surface. Perfect if you are on the move, the Large Retractable Banner makes a wonderful decoration piece, works as a guide for guests at your venue, or draws attention to your business or brand. Dimension of 47.25"x78.5".

Product description

Large Format Roll-Up Stand

Prismaprint's large format retractable banner makes an exceptional display at any social event or business days. A banner designed for transportation and to conserve your prints for future use. This retractable banner makes it easy to set up in just minutes by pulling up the banner from the base, no mounting process is necessary.

To pack away, simply tug on the edge of the pop-up banner and the mechanical strings will retract it back inside. The banner material is made from PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, a dependable material that withstands:

  • water,
  • chemical rotting,
  • shock
  • abrasion.
  • The stand is also moisture resistant and rustproof. 

The XL Retractable vinyl Banner is a product that will last you for long term usage.


How to Assemble a Large Pull-Up Banner Stand and Replace my Print?

This product comes with a support pole mounted at the base centre of the stand and gives your signs independent support and stability. To replace your custom creation, open the large retractable banner stand and carefully fill in the edges of the replacement roll. An exceptional product with great features if you are constantly on the move, or simply looking to store away after another occasion. A great way to make an impact on your potential customers with an eye-catching look!


How Much Does a Large Retractable Banner Stand Cost?

We have a selection of large sized banners available at Prismaprint. Depending on the size and the material you choose, the price of the custom retractable banner can differ. You can contact us for further information! 

We have a range of sizes available for our Retractable Banners at Prismaprint. Find the perfect roll-up banner stand that will best showcase your custom posters and graphics!




Product setup

Product setup

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1 Product

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