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Double-Sided Retractable Banner

Highly effective from both sides of the surface. The double-sided pull-up banner makes a wonderful addition to retail stores, trade shows or conventions and targets twice as much audience and in any public setting. Double-sided options are infinite! Dimension of 33.5"x78.5". 

Product description

Retractable Roll for your Pop-Up

A pull-up banner doubles the attention. Prismaprint's double-sided pull-up banner stand is perfect for supporting two of your main graphic prints or designs at an exhibition, trade show, or convention. This custom roll-up consists of two PVC vinyl banners pulled out and easily retracted with the mechanical pull inserted within the stand's base. Get your prints noticed from both sides, easily installed in the center of your display area for an increase.


What is a Double Sided Pull Up Banner?

A retractable free standing banner gives you a sizable display for your custom creation with the convenience of easily being able to back away for future use. Simply place the stand in your desired area and pull out each vinyl banner from both sides to display. 

The retractable mechanical pole allows your images to stand independently and to roll up after each use. This print ready product is an exceptional choice if you are looking to advertise your products or services at a social gathering, where pedestrian traffic is very dense.


What is the Size of the Roll-Up Print for this Banner Stand?

Our roll-up banner stand holds an 85 cm print horizontally, by 200 cm vertically. If you have an event to advertise, share your services at a conference, or promote your products to customers at a trade show or market, then this may be the right product for you.

Our PVC vinyl signs guarantee a premium print with striking colour on a portable roll up banner. Whether you are hosting several seminars across the country or simply using it seasonally for business days, our double-sided retractable banner stands will help you deliver a quality presentation while saving you time to set up and take down.




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Product setup

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1 Product

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