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Window Graphics

Transforming a plain storefront by adding your graphics and logos.

·         Allows excellent light transmission to your degree of privacy

·         Easy adhesion and ideal for any type of windows

·         Installation instruction included

·         Option to pick from perforated, lettering, wraps or frosted/etched

·         Selection of colours and finishes


USES - retail stores, shopping centers, car dealerships, cafe shops, book stores etc.

A high-quality adhesive solution for your windows

Depending on your needs, choose a material that will let more or less light pass to make your showcase black out or not. The adhesive is designed to last over time and allows you to communicate on medium to long campaigns.

Available materials:

  • Easy to apply adhesive (semi gloss).
  • Transparent adhesive with white support. The white support allows to contrast your impressions.
  • Microperforated adhesive.
  • Permanent polymer adhesive "opaque" gray glue.

Laying the adhesive on your windows

Depending on the material chosen and the format, the installation methods may differ. You can have the adhesive placed by the personnel of the point of sale or by a professional, using a squeegee. The glass surface must always be clean and degreased.

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