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Outdoor canvas art

Art at the size you need!

Product description

Art at the size you want it!

·   Standard sizes 77 "wx 55" h and 55 "wx 37" h

·   Custom sizes up to 96 "wx 96" h

·  Upload your own art or select art from our catalog





USES  - exhibitions, office space, living space, galleries etc.

Further information

Canvas is a tough, durable and thick woven fabric made from natural materials. It makes a strong and sturdy fabric that can be made into different types, depending on the tightness of the threats woven together. Canvas is usually tightly woven and has waterproof and windproof quality. For this reason, it is ideally used for indoor and outdoor activities. A great material that accepts paint, by not bleeding through or will not flake off with other surfaces. It is a very flexible and sturdy material that is ideally stretched on a wooden frame. This environmental friendly material is either made with cotton, flax, but it was originally made from hemp, which are all-natural resources that can be grown easily. Canvas is also beneficial for its ability to accept a variety of chemical treatments to enhance its natural properties such as water resistance, flame retardation and mildew resistance. Unlike many other fabrics, canvas has a duration that can last up to a few days.

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