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Foamboard rigid prints, a professional look with a lightweight design.
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Product description

Economic way to showcase high quality prints without a frame.

·       Lightweight and budget friendly

·       Smooth and flat surface

·        Ideal for indoor use only

·       Easily mounted on any wall, tabletops or floors


USES - presentation boards, conference boards, in-store decals, spin signs etc.

Further information

Foamboard or Foam core board is a lightweight material composed of three layers, two layers of paper on the exterior, with an inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam. Both materials composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms, but polystyrene is known to form a strong plastic whereas polyurethane can create a varying degree of flexibility. The foam is layered with either a white clay coated paper, cotton archival paper or common kraft paper. Polystyrene is made into foam and can consist over 95 percent air. This product is commonly used for print mounting. It is sensitive to solvents, some found in lacquers and acrylic paint, but accepts oil and acrylic paint. The foamboard is ideal for indoor use only for its non-resistant surface to moisture. This material is not recyclable, nor biodegradable.

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