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Styrene Print is a versatile mounted substrate available in different sizes.
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Product description

Flexible and rigid display that will not warp over time.

·         Highly flexible plastic material

·         Resistant to water and minor damage

·         Very lightweight, resistant to warping

·         Surface is easy to clean


USES - indoor decals, retail signage, shopping center marketing, window decals, promotional signs etc

Further information

Styrene, also known as ethynyl benzene, vinyl benzene or phenylethane, is a liquid hydrocarbon that is part of the chemical compounds categorized as vinyl. It is a clear and colourless liquid derived from petroleum and natural gas by-products. It is often confused for polystyrene, a solid material that uses styrene for its production. It is also a key component in the making of a variety of important materials, one of which being synthetic rubber. Styrene is known for its strength, durability, comfort and safety in everyday usage. It helps create plastic materials used in strong, flexible and lightweight products. It is fabricated to create impact-resistant, versatile and economic plastic. It also comes in a gloss or matte laminate for further protection against UV rays, wear and tear. It has excellent dimensional stability, affinity for paint and glue, and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.

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