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Parking Signs

Rigid aluminum sign with your choice of design and template.
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Product description

Rigid aluminum sign customized to your degree of safety

·       Your choice of template and design 

·        Sustain water and hard wind

·        Durable reflective aluminum

·        Slotted with mounting holes for easy installation 


USES - regulatory signs, high occupancy vehicle signs, information and direction, warning signs etc.

Further information

Aluminum, also knowns as aluminium, is a lightweight, highly conductive, and non-toxic metal that can be easily melted, casted, and machined. This durable material has electrical conductivity and is also fireproof, corrosion and heat resistant. It reflects light very easily and doesn’t rust over time. It is 100% recyclable and can take on any intricate shape. Highly electrical and conducts thermal conductivity but is also non-sparking, non-magnetic, and non-combustible.  Very sustainable, can reduce carbon emission in dozens of applications. This material is cost-effective to produce, easy to make and requires low maintenance. It is mainly used in three major industries, transportation, packaging and construction.

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