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Personalize your floors for your events!

Whether it is to decorate your space, strengthen your promotional operations or simply to put up signage, floor marking can prove to be an excellent solution that is often underused. To personalize your floors, we offer several solutions depending on the configuration of your premises, their use and the purpose of your marking.

For more information on flooring, see our buying guide for printed flooring.

Printed Floor Stickers, Decals, Vinyls, Adhesives and Tiles

For small areas of markings or decorations, floor stickers are a good solution.

Floor stickers are well suited for use from a few weeks to a few months depending on traffic, for floor marking in malls, stores or business premises.

It will be placed on a smooth floor, tiled or cement, but also on parquet floors for use in sports halls for example.

A non-slip plasticization gives it a good longevity, and in complete safety.

Floor stickers can be printed and then cut to shape for lettering or pictorial marking, for making arrows or logos.

The removability of the adhesive must be adapted to the use and present a good compromise between ease of removal and resistance over time. We can offer you removable or permanent glues according to your specifications.

Soft PVC printed flooring

To cover larger areas or to cover a floor that is not smooth, the printed resilient floor allows you to easily make large decors or cover an entire area in your colors and in a very short time.

Cut to shape, it can also be used as a floor mat, to delimit a surface in a larger space (brand corner, waiting area, product enhancement,showcase, etc.).

Unvarnished, its use remains limited in time depending on pedestrian traffic. It will be ideal for a trade show, an event showroom, a sales corner for a product launch of a few months or to brighten up an office area with low traffic.

Available in a width of 2 meters, its implementation is very easy and we will be able to manage the continuity of your printing if your visual extends over several widths.

To prevent the edges from rising, it is advisable to fix the flexible floor over its entire periphery with double-sided "carpet" type adhesive.

Long-lasting PVC flooring

For small surfaces up to 1.30 m wide, the long-lasting PVC floor with its thick protective layer will provide excellent durability. It can be used in pedestrian areas with heavy traffic which will have to remain in place over time.

It is suitable for indoors and smooth floors and must be glued over its entire surface or at least on its periphery to prevent it from peeling off on the edges.

Custom printing and manufacturing

Whatever your personalized floor or floor marking project, our advisers are there to find the most suitable solution with you. Prismaprint accompanies you and manufactures to measure for you!

Floor Sticker Ideas and Designs such as Easter, 3d, Footprint, Feet Stickers and More


Laminate Your Floor Stickers for Extra Durability



Are Floor Stickers Durable?

Floor stickers are fairly durable and well suited for use from a few weeks to a few months depending on the traffic of people walking over them. The length of time that floor stickers last is dependent on the type of adhesive chosen and the floor type to which they are stuck. Floors that are dirty, porous, rough and/or abrasive may reduce the length of time that stickers adhere to the floor. For best results, choose a longer lasting adhesive and ensure that the area on which the sticker is to be applied is not terribly rough and has been thoroughly cleaned.

What is the difference between PVC flooring and Lino?

Although commonly referred to in the same way as "lino", resilient PVC flooring(or vinyl flooring) and linoleum flooring (or linoleum) are both resilient floors. On the other hand, the raw material used for their manufacture is very different.

Linoleum or lino is a high quality material, made from renewable natural raw materials while PVC flooring is, as its name suggests, made of PolyvinylChloride which is a plastic material.

Does Prismaprint custom print linoleum?

In order to offer you the best quality / price ratio and taking into account the printing constraints and the lifespan of the printed products, the printed flexible floors that we offer are made of PVC.

Which marking solution for sports floors?

We offer you adhesive solutions adapted to your markings in sports halls covered with parquet floors (basketball, volleyball or handball). You will be able to highlight your sponsors on the outskirts of the field or even on the central circles or rackets.

For any further questions, see our buying guide for printed flooring.

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