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Roll up & Xbanner

Printing on Roll up and X banner

Attract the attention of consumers or visitors to a stand, a store, a window... Discover our mobile Point of Sale (POS) solutions for your exhibitions, shops, stands or even fairs. Choose one of our roll up or x-banner media for your marketing, advertising, branding and commercial communications. Choose the item that best suits your needs for large format visibility and then personalize and print your custom roll up or x-banner online.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our guide for advertising roll up to facilitate your choice.

POS Support: Point of Sale Advertising

Prismaprint offers many communication solutions for the layout of your Points of Sale or demonstration. All of these POS supports are designed to be easy to install and use. Discover our range of dedicated POS solutions for the dissemination of advertising, marketing, branding or informational messages.

Examples of classic POS products: Hanging banners, roll-up banners, x-banners, printed frames (backlit or not), etc.

Definition of POS (Point of Sale Advertising): the term POS is generally used to designate all printed media dedicated to information at the point of sale (advertising, signage, communication, branding, etc.) installed in places welcoming visitors (supermarkets, shops, stores, event fairs, exhibitions, reception hall, etc.) *

What is a roll up, retractable or roller banner stand?

The roll up banner - also called roll up, pull up banner, pop up banner - is one of the greatest high impact portable marketing and advertising tools. Constructed with a pivoting stand and a spring winder integrated in an aluminum base, it allows you to display a branded advertising message simply and quickly.

This system is used indoors for fairs, exhibitions, shops and offices or for commercial, marketing, associative or private events. It is ideal for delivering a personalized message or large format image efficiently thanks to its large printing surface.

The roll up is an ideal portable advertising medium due to its compactness, lightness, ease of storage and transport since it has a protective cover making it easy to carry and transport.

This signage device is a great POS support which will remain in excellent condition after numerous assemblies and dismantles thanks to its aluminum structure and its unbeatable quality / price ratio.

Several types of print substrates/materials are available depending on the use:

  • M1 fire-rated substrate: This quality is often requested in exhibition areas or more generally in public buildings. We recommend this quality for professional use without questions.
  • Substrate with a grey back: This quality will allow you to have a more discreet back of the product and above all to opacify/darken the material of your banner to avoid any risk of transparency or drop shadow that could be caused by back lighting. In addition, this canvas is PVC free which brings an environmental benefit.
  • Non curling substrate: This material will bring a perfect hold of the edges of your banner for a super quality image rendering.
  • Standard 450g substrate: This support is the cheapest, ideal for low cost budgets, especially when you have large quantities to order.

What are the Sizes / Dimensions of the Roll Up Banner?

All roll up models are 2 meters high, however several widths are available:

  • Standard widths: 800x2000 mm or 850x2000 mm are the most common formats. Your image will be displayed in portrait format.
  • The large widths: 1500x2000 mm or 2000x2000 mm are XXL formats that are often used for the backdrop of stands in trade shows or to make photo calls for press points or mini photo studios easily transportable.

What is an x-frame banner?

Just like the roll up, the x-banner is another printed advertising medium for your personalized messages and images with an X-shaped frame structure in fiberglass. A banner is then stretched over this foldable structure by four eyelets placed at the four corners of the image.

The x banner is a mobile POS solution, more economical and lighter than the roll up banner. Thanks to its protective cover provided, the x banner is easily movable and therefore ideal for trade fairs, conferences, exhibitions or even in store windows. It folds and unfolds easily and quickly.

The advantage of this X-shaped support is that the canvas is independent of the support, so you can keep the structure and change the printed image easily and endlessly.

As with the roll up, several types of substrates/materials are possible. Two qualities are available online, one fire rated and the other not, but many other qualities are possible, do not hesitate to contact our advisers!

What is the Sizes / Dimensions of the X Banner and Mini X Banner?

Slightly smaller than the roll up, the X banner is available in two banner-type portrait formats:

  • 600x1600 mm: A very economical small/mini format
  • 800x1800 mm: Will remain very visible thanks to its 1.8 m height

How are the online roll up and x-banner advertising printed?

At Prismaprint, all advertising roll ups and x-banners are printed by digital printers with solvent-free inks that meet the requirements of the Green Guard Gold environmental labels. As a printer, we select committed suppliers who offer eco-friendly materials.

Check out our environmental approach.

Why use a large format advertising roll up or x banner system?

Whether it's a roll up or an x-banner, this advertising medium format is the perfect ally for your communication. Lightweight, simple and quick to install, you can take it to all your remote and commercial events. With its interchangeable image, this communication tool is easily used and will always remain visible thanks to its tall height.

How do you make / assemble your roll up?

The assembly of the roll-up banner is quick and easy. It only requires a few assembly steps. First, take all the items out of the protective carrying bag. Then place the metal structure containing the rolled up banner on the ground and install the feet perpendicularly in order to stabilize it. Then, assemble the parts constituting the rod and unroll the image in its entirety in order to hang it at the top of the rod. Your banner is now installed!

Where to place your roll up?

Prismaprint advises you to place your mobile communication medium in high traffic areas where the flow of visitors is the most important.

It is important that the roll up is stable and does not tip over if it is bumped. For more stability, we equip all our roll ups with two feet placed under the base, to which you can add additional weight if you expose your rollup to the outside in windy weather for example, or simply to prevent anybody accidentally knocking it over.

How to create a roll up or x-banner online using our roll up or x banner design templates?

Creating your banners will only take a few minutes! All you have to do is choose the support that best suits your needs and then configure it with the desired settings. Then, you will have to choose the visual to print on your product. Among the 3 possibilities offered, you will be able to select the option "create your visual online" using a personalized printing tool.

On the other hand, if you do not have precise ideas of the desired visual, you can be inspired or opt for a visual prepared especially by our graphic designers to facilitate the creation. You can also find our 5 tips for creating a clear and effective roll up. Creating your advertising medium then becomes child's play!

Roll up and x banner prices

Note that the printing of the visual is included in the price of the roll up or x-banner.

A roll up or Xbanner for a wedding?

Do you want to put it in the eyes of your guests on your wedding day or secular ceremony? Decorate the places with a roll up or an x-banner decorated according to the theme and colors of your union. It will be the ideal support for your event and will remain visible thanks to its height format.

Surprise those around you by welcoming them in an original way, near the catering area for example, or to indicate a seating plan ...

Choose a beautiful image and write in a few clicks the first names of the bride and groom, the date of the event, see the place ...

Because we know that organizing a wedding is not easy, Prismaprint is there to help you communicate well during this day. So find ready-made poster, billboard, roll up and other models to help you on this beautiful day.

Can I use a roll up or x banner outdoors?

The roll up and x banner are communication tools designed and intended mainly for indoor use, even if their materials are weather resistant. The structure and design are generally too light for them to be used outdoors. We therefore recommend that you do not put them outdoors except under certain conditions (very calm weather) and to consult our team of experts in order to offer you specific and more suitable supports for outdoor use. 

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